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When downhole data is on a need-to-know basis, DataLog is there—monitoring, analyzing, and being your partner 24/7.

The Grizzly Mass Spectrometer

Our proven well site mass spectrometer is capable of continuously sampling volatiles in a standalone or in-line configuration with conventional gas equipment
(TG/Gas Chromatagraph).

The high-performance quadrapole residual gas analyzer at its heart reads AMU1 through 140 in 60 seconds, and detects helium, hydrogen, CO2, aromatics, and C1-C10, and more.

Compatible with any WITS system, The Grizzly records both in time and depth-based data. The unit also comes with a calibrated onboard H2S sensor and vacuum gauge for optimal quality control.

All data is reported in the industry-standard LAS format in parts per million.

Epsilon 1 XRF Analyzer

Featuring a spectrometer and built-in analysis software, our Epsilon 1 XRF is fast, efficient, and precise.

And because it requires minimal operator dependence and sample prep, it reduces total running cost as compared to analytical techniques, such as AAS, ICP, and wet chemical methods. Plus, its portability makes it a safe alternative to XRF handhelds and guns.

  • Non-destructive analysis – since XRF is a non-destructive technique, the sample can be measured using other analytical techniques
  • Maximum sensitivity - the 50 kV X-ray tube and generator is ideal for exciting heavier elements, resulting in faster analysis times and
    higher accuracy.
  • Atmospheric variations - built-in temperature and air-pressure sensors compensate for atmospheric variations, ensuring excellent results whatever the weather.

BTX™ III Benchtop XRD Analyzer

Our BTX III analyzer features powerful, intuitive software paired with X-ray detection for enhanced sensitivity, faster analysis, and more reliable results.

Compared to conventional X-ray detection, BTX III convects every particle within the sample chamber, causing data to be virtually free of orientation effects. In fact, the instrument requires a scant 15 mg of sample.

  • Updated X-ray detector - runs faster and offers more intensity, leading to lower LODs
  • SwiftMin® automated phase ID & software - provides real-time data directly on the XRD analyzer, so you can make decisions quickly and with confidence.

Tap our technology. Count on our brainpower.

Technology only goes so far. Data analysis requires the same level of precision and geologic understanding. Through continuous training, we deliver data that is essential to meeting our clients’ goals. But only after putting our findings through a rigorous quality control process.