Anyone can provide data. At DataLog, we give you peace of mind.

After all, you need a clear picture of what’s happening downhole, from rock type to mud weight to gas levels. With a mix of experience, innovation, and friendly faces, we supply it.

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For oil companies in need of an experienced mud logging partner, DataLog brings precision insight and fresh perspective when success hangs in the balance.

Our Expertise

Relationships above ground. Care below it.

At DataLog we work closely with our partner company, GeoVision. We supply the data. GeoVision drills the wells that optimize hydrocarbon production, while minimizing costs–all while ensuring the safety of the drilling operation. If a problem is detected, we’re a powerful one-two punch.

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Giving back locally.

We’re honored to work with HYES (Houston Youth Empowerment Services), which partners with a number of local charities to empower our youth and close the gap on opportunity.

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Our team is built for your success.

It takes vision to supply it. DataLog is led by oilfield experts who have earned their place among the industry’s best. Meet the team committed to unlocking insights and delivering accurate mudlogging data. We know how much your operation depends on it.

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