Geochemical Analysis

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leader in wellsite geochemical logging and interpretation

DATALOG Geological Services is quickly becoming the trusted and comprehensive leader in wellsite geochemical logging and interpretation. Utilizing industry leading equipment such as the DQ1000′ and the Spectroscout, DATALOG is capable of providing real-time analysis and interpretation of the data that means the most to your bottom line.

Wellsite mass spectrometer logging provides critical data including Cl-C10 hydrocarbon detection and vital information on inorganic gases such as helium, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide which can help identify changes in permeability, bit/BHA wear or failure, as well as pressure changes. Also provided, is an easy to understand, real-time tracking of changes in API gravity and aromatics, not to mention, sulfur compounds as well.

When DATALOG’s Mass Spectrometer services are coupled with our wellsite XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) capabilities the true value and potential of your well can be realized. Not only will our wellsite XRF services cut your bottom versus other companies comparable XRD based services, we also save you time by providing top of the line interpretation, calculated mineralogy, and depositional modeling.

Quite simply, DATALOG Geological Services understands the importance of these higher-level services and is willing and able to show your company the difference.

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